All you need to know before buying wooden educational toys for your child;


Kids love playing with toys, No one will ever doubt that. You most probably remember that as kids, toys offered us the highest dopamine effect. That’s why children are more forceful towards their parents for buying new toys.

However, you cannot buy everything they like, so now the question arises, what should be the ideal toy for your toddler to buy? You will surely find the answer to it by reviewing this article.

Importance of educational toys;

Toys that engage a child’s senses, his imaginations, and their interaction with others are considered to be the ideal.

Children may be fascinated by the most colorful, attractive, and expensive toy at first sight and may compel you to buy these toys for them but you have to act wisely. You have to ask yourself one question before making a decision. The toys you are about to buy will improve your child’s imagination. If yes, go for it then.

Generally, wooden educational toys are considered the best for improving the imagination, skills, and interaction of the children. It may not look attractive but are reliable and a great source of improvement of the skills of the children.

Why to prefer wooden toys over plastic;

When buying toys, you also have to think about their reliability and sustainability. As we know, children don’t take care while playing. They may throw their toys just to get amused. So good and reliable toys must be bought.

Quality at a less cost;

The educational wooden toys top the list when it comes to reliability with quality. It is not easy to break open wooden toys unless it has any joints or pieces attached by hinges.

There are many reasons due to which wooden educational toys are considered better not only for children but for the environment too. They are more biodegradable, have a better life, (less waste production), and eco-friendly.

But sometimes you might see toys manufactured of synthetic wood like plywood which might be a little cheaper than natural wood. It contains hazardous glues and chemicals. It might affect your child’s health.

Improvement in thinking;

Toys not only entertain a child but also improve the critical thinking of the young ones. For example, if you see a child busy in playing with wooden blocks, he tries to stack them up into any shape he can make, it may be a car or a pillar, anything he or she can dream up.

Attractive Toys may drain the brain;

Frequently the children ask for attractive toys which they find stimulating. These toys, though attractive, are made of low-grade plastic and are loaded with a mini electric machine which may reduce the creativity of the child and may even impact the development of the children. Moreover over stimulation may also have some negative impacts on the critical thinking of the brain.

Toys made up of wood never get old;

The wooden educational toys are versatile and reliable. They last longer than the normal toys. Their use is not confined to a certain age limit. Its use increases as the age of the child increases. As the children are growing, their mental capabilities also grow so they start using the educational toys in a better way than they used before.

Toys made of Plastic;

You might find many reasons not to choose plastic special when it comes to toys, some of which are discussed below;

Poor quality

A great variety of plastic toys are manufactured from very low-grade plastic which isn’t reliable enough to last long. While on the other hand the wooden educational toys last long and may serve at least 2 generations.

Non degradable

Plastic is a polymer, takes a lot of time to degrade, which makes it a pollutant for the environment. When it comes to reliability, they are not reliable at all and soon break which makes them useless for the children. Disposing off the broken toys may be easy but degrading is surely not. Hence, its use must be reduced.

From the above discussion, you might have got an idea of the importance of educational wooden toys and the reliability they have got.

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