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The importance of good SEO cannot be stressed enough in today’s highly competitive era. Every company needs to invest in good SEO to drive traffic to their websites! However, make sure that you have stable internet in amazing price like Spectrum internet prices to get instant SEO insights and apply quick fixes! The following are about the best free SEO tools out there to enable you to have an immaculate digital presence. Use them to increase web traffic, boost sales, and generate higher profits!

Website Grader Powered by HubSpot

Definitely one of the best tools online to find out how good your website is performing in comparison to other websites. This tool will assess your website on the basis of SEO, readability, mobile interface, and security. All you have to do is enter your website’s URL and the tool will give your website a score from 1 to 100. Once you get all the insights, you can take remedial actions. You can also enter the URLs of your rival companies to see how they are performing.

Google Search Console

You can view your website the way Google sees it by using this website. Earlier, Google Search Console was known as the Google Webmaster Tools. You can get an overall view of your website’s traffic, link data, and issues that your website might be facing. The tool provides quite a detailed view of your website’s salient features. Content strategists recommend this tool to study site behavior over long periods of time. This tool is a must-have for all websites wanting to improve on their current SERP standings.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Another tool from Google, PageSpeed insights will allow you to improve the loading speed of your website. You can check how well your website is performing on both mobile and web interfaces. This tool can enable you to improve your user experience, search visibility, and site navigation as they directly impact a website’s loading speed. Bad features will result in a website that loads slowly.

The tool provides a rating of websites. If you get a score that is less than 59 then you need to improve on your website’s features. Websites with scores between 60 to 79 constitute the range of moderately performing ones whereas those with a score above 80 are well-performing websites. Use this tool to lessen your bounce rate.

Google Analytics

Without a shadow of a doubt, this tool is the go-to tool for every digital marketer out there. Here, you will get to draw insights from web traffic to keyword performance and more. Use the online tool to boost your SEO efforts for more profits. Note that almost every online data analytics tool uses Google Analytics in some capacity or the other!

Google Keyword Planner

In order to plan the best keywords for your website’s webpages, Google Keyword Planner should be your best bet. You can access this tool in Google Ads. Find the most competitive keywords and their monthly searches here. Then select one and use an SEO plugin to rank your website on that keyword!

SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

This is a great website if you want to understand the SEO strategy of your competitors. All you need to do is enter a URL here. The tool will provide you a report that will present the best SEO practices to improve your web traffic along with the issues. It will also provide you critical details regarding meta tags and HTTP headers! Moreover, you can also view a detailed analysis of the keywords. The tool will provide insights related to anchor tag keywords, keywords in alt texts, and keywords in titles! This is a great choice for beginners since it will guide them to use their keywords at just the very right places!

SEO Web Page Analyzer

This tool is more about getting insights into what’s not working well in your SEO activities. The tool will provide you a score from 1 to 100. It will also provide a comprehensive and easy-to-understand report regarding your links, keywords, and more. The report is color-coded. This means that you can easily get an idea of what needs immediate attention by understanding the color code.

Check My Links

Broken links can end up compromising all your SEO efforts. Visit “Check My Links” to find out all your broken links. The tool provides insights in no time at all. You can instantly fix your webpages afterward and enjoy smooth traffic on your website converting to leads and sales! You can add their extension to Chrome and get real-time warnings!

Many of the above tools are also operable on mobile phones. Subscribe to a quality ISP so that you can draw insights on your phone as well. I am a subscriber of an offering from Spectrum packages. This package comes with home Wi-Fi. Even when I’m away from the router, I can keep an eye on the web insights on my phone. Keep an eye on the SEO of your website and keep on improving it! As a result, your business will keep on growing and improving with the passage of time!






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