Top Ten Best Travel Tips


You make a lot of travel errors at the beginning.

Travel savvy is a mechanism that is born of missed buses, foolish actions, cultural unconsciousness, and endless small mistakes. Then, one day, you start moving effortlessly through airports and, like a fish to water, you integrate into new cultures.

I want to help accelerate the process and prevent you from getting my mistakes (and I really make a lot of them), so I put together a whole giant list of my best travel tips to help you achieve your full travel ninja potential, covering everything under the sun.

Over the last twelve years, I have learned these tips.

You will get to save money, sleep much better, get off the tourist trail more, experience locals, and then be a better traveler with these travel tips.

Without further ado, here are the world’s top 20 tips:

1.Always pack a towel:

It’s the secret to galactic hitchhiking and plain common decency success. When you really need it, you never know, if it is on the beach, on a vacation, or just to dry up. You never know, but many hostels offer towels, and bringing a small towel won’t add too much weight to your pack.

2.Buy a small backpack:

You will be forced to pack light by buying a small backpack (I like anything about 35/40 liters) and avoid carrying too many things. Humans tend to want to fill space naturally, so if you pack light but have plenty of extra space in your pocket, you will end up going “well, I suppose I can carry more” and regret it then.

3.Pack light:

Wearing the same t-shirt a couple of days in a row is OK. Take half the clothes you think you’re going to need… you’re not going to need as many as you think. Write a list of necessities down, break it in half, and then just pack it! Plus, because you bought a little backpack like I said, you’re not going to have a lot of room for extra things anyway.

4.But take extra socks:

You’re going to miss a lot of laundry gremlins, wear and tear, and hiking, so extra packing is going to come in handy. I’ll only take a few more than I like. A new pair of socks, nothing beats.

5.Take an extra bank card and credit card with you:

catastrophes happen. In case you get robbed or lose a passport, it’s always nice to have a backup. Without access to your funds, you do not want to be stranded somewhere new. I had a card duplicated and a freeze put on it once. For the rest of my journey, I couldn’t use it. I was really glad that I had an extra and not like my mate, who didn’t borrow money from me all the time and was forced to borrow it.

6.Make sure to use no-fee bank cards:

Don’t give your hard-earned money to the banks. Keep it and spend that on your journeys for yourself. Get a debit and credit card that does not charge a fee for an international transaction or an ATM fee. The few dollars they take each time will truly add up over the course of a long journey.

7.Travel by yourself at least once:

You will learn a great deal about yourself and how to become autonomous. It’s a cliché, but that’s correct. Traveling alone taught me how to care for myself, speak to strangers, and comfortably cope with unfamiliar circumstances. It made me feel relaxed, helped me learn what I’m capable of, and encouraged me to be super selfish and do whatever I wanted.If you have never done it before, it can take a little more time used to, but do it at least once. Make yourself unpleasant and make yourself surprised. When you force yourself, you’ll learn useful life skills.

8.Don’t be afraid to use a map:

It is not as bad to look like a tourist as to have to get lost and end up in the wrong neighbourhood. Don’t be afraid to be using a map and look like a tourist, or ask for directions. You are one, after all! When I drive, I always use a map. This helps you get where you have to go.

9.But don’t be afraid to get purposefully lost:

A great way to get to know it, get out of the beaten track and away from the tourists is to wander aimlessly around a new city. Perhaps you’ll be shocked at the secret gems you discover. I like walking around without using Google Maps and trying to find my way.

10.Take The Best Backpack:

Backpacks are a safer choice for carrying books and supplies than shoulder or messenger bags. That’s because the pack’s weight is distributed uniformly throughout the body. The pack is protected by the strongest muscles in the body, the back and abdominal muscles. The best hiking backpack will always be very useful best budget hiking backpack also can do the job.







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