A brief history of UV light and its importance


Our generation believes everything is invented recently. Firstly, whenever they see something new and technologically advanced. Of course, our curious little heads make us research everything before forming a conclusion. It is how we see UV lights today. Therefore, We might think of them as a recent invention. In actuality, its roots back to 100 years. This invention has undergone many developmental phases and is now present in various forms.

History of Uv Light Service

Everything started when bacteria were placed under direct sunlight, and the rays killed them. It was a British physiologist Arthur Downes who discovered it. Later on, approximately 25 years later, one German Ophthalmologist, Ernst Hertel, concluded that UV-C kills microorganisms more effectively than the other UV variants after many experiments and developments.

Nearly at the same time, professor Niel Finsen earned his Nobel prize for treating a skin disease with concentrated light. Consequently, scientists worldwide performed experiments to form an exceptional conclusion.

Practical implication

Many scientists worked on UV light’s primary application, specifically under head disinfection in the 1930s and late ’40s. Furthermore, William F. discovered viruses could be transmitted from person to person. He concluded, viruses and bacterial diseases can be airborne. He had done several experiments to completed that UV-C lamps could kill microbes. In Philadelphia day school, he installed lights to monitor the spread of measles and other related infections. It turned out that the school with UV lamps had a minimal spread rate in comparison to schools without UV lamps.

In 1936, experiments took place on an upper level. UV light is used in operating rooms to inspect the spread of infection. And this was the beginning of experiments.  UV lamps were installed everywhere and in every building that could spread the virus. Scientists did it for at least a few decades to stop the spread of active microorganisms.

Medical progress

over the years, everything evolved. Development and progression created faith in commoners. People started to restore their belief that this works. Furthermore, medical progress was at its heights. People started to trust drugs and antibiotics for deadly diseases.

Earlier, some viruses evolved with resistance to drugs and UV light.  In the 1950s, it became difficult for the technology people to recreate well’s discovery into something smarter to prevent the virus from spreading. To restore faith, people at that time had to struggle a lot to prove that UV-C light could kill any microbe that comes in its way. Be it measles, E-coli or tuberculosis.

After a long time of struggle and ongoing experiments and wins, in 1995, scientists and technology geeks finally set the stage for the revival. Forest Fencl, the person responsible for the emergence of UVGI in HVAC/R equipment, worked on the optimation of UV into a much smarter led form so people could use it in hostile environments HVAC/R systems.

Today’s UV light implication 

Currently, we have tons of options while choosing a UV-C disinfector. one can see them everywhere. There are three variants to choose from: air disinfector, coil, and air stream disinfection system. People opt for either one of these depending on their requirements and usage.

All three are viable sources of disinfection, and people rely on them more than any other form. Over time, we can say the struggle and hard work of scientists and technology geeks have paid off in their best condition. Keep in view the current pandemic and the spread of Covid- 19. Many research pieces are coming on and on—all based on how Uv lamps can kill the pathogens and the space minimized with UV light application.

Importance of UV light today

Every invention made to date has its perk and cons. No one wants to die out of a pandemic or a disease. We all want peace and a stable lifestyle. UV-C light lamps and their innovation and application have proven their existence in many ways, especially in Dunwoody. The UV light service in Dunwoody ensures that it is accessible in every form, and people can avail it.

Every human being deserves to breathe in good quality air that is free from pollutants and microbes. A safe and healthy life is what we all desire. And adding a simple UV lamp to your daily household routine can make such a huge difference that one can’t even imagine.

Following are the outcomes one achieves when they install UV light service in Dunwoody:

  • Installing air purifying lamps in your ducts kills pathogens, microbes, and any allergens.
  • You and your loved ones are safe from airborne diseases, and their spread is minimalized to a more considerable extent.
  • There is zero to no chance of mold production in your ducts and across the coils.
  • It is one of the safest methods of disinfection.
  • It’s cheaper as compared to many other disinfection units available in the market.
  • It doesn’t affect a person’s immunity, and its only function is to kill germs.
  • UV lamp light doesn’t need to be portable. Additionally, It can be fixed in one place and still do its work.
  • These units minimize the spread of infections.

Furthermore, you can grab details of practical UV light lamp usage and variants from our website. Hence get in touch with the MMI HVAC service provider to comfort yourself with implacable services beyond imagination.


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