Unique and Gorgeous Flowers For A Colorful Summer


Summer is the best time to give your house a good and vibrant makeover. Although, when we talk about vibrant colours we have known spring to be that season filled with vibrant colours however summer has its own line of colours that can be added to our home. When it comes to decorate your house during summers, there are a lot of regular options like hibiscus, marigolds, roses, etc. and there are unique options to like – yarrow, foxgloves, carnations, gladiolus etc. These flowers are full of colours and would just paint your house with contrast. Let’s have a look at them in detail –

1) Canna in Tomato Red Color

Canna is commonly known as Canna Lily. It’s a beautiful flower with long greenish purple leaves and bright orangish – yellow colour  in your house whether it’s a small vase near a window sill or in a large vase alongside seasonal greens.

Growing Canna

Canna Lily is very easy to grow from seeds. Just buy the seeds from any notable online or offline store and soak them in water for better germination for two to three days. Once they germinate, plant them in a flat tray or pots and let them sit near a window sill. They are thirsty plants and need as much water as possible, but contrary to that they don’t need much sunlight. Once the leaves start to grow you can seperate them in the pots. However it’s only after the first frost that you can leave them in full sunlight.

Decorating Canna

The best ways to decorate using canna are very simple: add lots of colourful roses, carnations and hibiscus but there has to be a lot of variation in colours. Several other perennial flowers could act as a color pop such as blue bellflower, yellow yarrow and blue morning glory. You can surprise this summer for your family. You can also express your gratitude towards your teachers for teaching you online and helping you so much by giving them a potted plant.

2) Sunflower

Well obviously when a flower is named in the name of Sun it would be nothing less than in the heat of sun. Sunflower is one of the best flowers to colour pop in your house especially during summer season. These flowers are quite cheerful and they will brighten up your whole house.


Decorating with sunflowers would be a very easy task because after all it’s yellow in colour and all other colours could be added very easily with it. Delphinium, lavender and cockscomb would be a perfect combination. However if you want a more English look then you can add carnations, begonias and reduce the stem of sunflowers to suit their heights. Spider flowers could be placed on top to colour pop and fill the gaps in between.

3) Lily of the Nile

Lily of the Nile has various names such as African lily and blue lily. This plant needs full sun or partial sunlight because of its tendency to like warmer areas, so putting it in a plant will be one of the best things. They’ll thrive best when watered twice a day. You must be sure to use proper fertilizers rich in phosphorus and less nitrogen. But if you are one lazy person who doesn’t want to do the work of sowing seeds and planting and replanting then online flower delivery Ghaziabad or anywhere else and just learn to maintain that plant.

4) Wheat Celosia

This flower gets its name from long standing colorful and vibrant flowers that resemble the shape of wheat plants. These are ornamental flowers and short lived. They are best suited alongside french marigolds. Their feathery flowers make up for a perfect addition to any bouquets. Usually it grows from 2 to 4 feet.

5) Lilies

Well these are the regular flowers that we use quite often in decorating our house but I know you must be thinking that we were supposed to count unique flowers but lilies have such a huge variety that can be grown during various seasons. But we are discussing the original lilies today. Anyway whenever you want to plant them, make sure that you plant them in a bunch of three to five flowers because these are bulbs and they would look amazing when the colour pops together. The best part is to get such blooming lilies for the celebrations. The lilies of various colors will be symbolic of your feelings towards your friends and family members, so make sure to plant the right ones.


Lily of the Nile, Wheat Celosia and online Lilies would make up for a fabulous color pops and would brighten up any corner they are put into. The best part is that they all love sunshine.

In conclusion, you might think some flowers are not unique, but they are summer essentials and would look great in your house or for gifting someone a bouquet that comes from your hard work, would be joy in itself.


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